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Combine Rice Harvester Oryza 9710

Oryza combine model 9710 is a product of Barchinkar company and Gohar Bardasht Sari company. This combine has been completely tested under special and difficult conditions so that farmers can easily work on all types of surfaces. The warehouse of this machine is very large and has a lot of space. The tires of the machine are 550 type, they have long treads so that they perform better on muddy surfaces. The kilometer screen of the machine is completely digital and the seat is designed so that the driver is completely comfortable. The front of the driver’s seat is open so that the driver can easily see the combine. In general, this combine is better than all the combines in the market and has better performance.

Company :

Barchinkar Yazd

Price :


Gearbox engine specifications
Rated engine speed                2400 rpm                 
fuel typediesel
Engine typeInjector
Engine model4D35ZT-002
Turbo charginghas it
HST capacityKorean 45CC
Cooling typecool water
engine power100 HP
gearbox80 real
Number of cylinders4 cylinders
Dimensions of the device
Platform width (harvesting head)230 cm
Height of the device with shade310 cm
Height without canopy285 cm
The length of the device485 cm
device width250 cm
thresher type2 Thresher
Front thresher size540*650
Rear thresher size540*1300
Sand tire size53*90*500
Tire typelong tread
Warehouse capacity800 kg
Ground clearance700 mm
Weight3000 kg
Warehouse vibrationhas it
Adjustable sievehas it
fan driverhas it
Mardan sensorhas it
tank capacity120 liters
Feeding capacity6 kg per second
speed5 km per hour

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