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لوگو شرکت گوهر برداشت ساری

About Gohar Bardasht Sari

About G.B.S

This group has started its activity since 2013 in the service and distribution of spare parts for rice harvesters, and in 2015, it expanded its work with the registration of Gohar Bardasht Sari Company and started importing spare parts for rice harvesters and obtaining representation from importing companies. Such as Nikan Maishan Development Company and Eti Nagar Asr Pars Company and Yazdara Barchin Kar Manufacturing Company have taken action.

Currently, this company is distributing and selling Safar Zumline Gold and Oryza Combines. Since its establishment, the main goal of this company has been to design and modify rice harvesters to harvest the native rice varieties of the country, in addition to reducing the loss and wastage of rice. At the time of harvesting, better efficiency and maintenance cost of rice harvesters should be created for the respected combine owners.

Gohar Bardasht Sari Company has started its activities in the direction of improving the agricultural industry and helping agricultural activities, especially in the field of harvesting, and it is specialized in the field of rice harvesters. This company has an experienced and technical staff in the field of rice harvesters. It serves the respected combine owners and dear farmers. Gohar Barhad company is serving the general public of the country, especially the farmers and people of Mazandaran province, in various fields of rice harvesters, such as the sale of new harvesters, the service of all kinds of harvesters, and the introduction of working harvesters to harvester owners, and the distribution and distribution of various harvester parts.


لوگو شرکت گوهر برداشت ساری

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G.B.S Company, the largest agricultural machinery dealership in the north of the country, started its activity in 2013 in order to supply agricultural machinery parts and . . .

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